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Small Is Beautiful

The event market in Malaysia especially for the Malay community is largely characterized as crowded occasions, paving way for the emergence of 'intimate events'. With the rise of smaller weddings, we discovered that there are such limited options that caters for these private parties. Not everyone loves the big drama or stress that comes with big crowds. Imagine the judgements, sneering eyes, and the distant people who we never really know about attending our special day and having that awkward moment thus leaving us with a congratulatory smile in the end.

Some people might still be in that mind-set where intimate events means cheap and as such suggest budgets which are quite laughable and not consistent with competitive prices in the market. Smaller events interprets through more space, more time and more memories made with all that you have compromised. The details of small events are more intricate and delicate, leaving more interesting area of creativity for the couple to explore.

“Trying to anticipate what will impress the other person both increases your anxiety and makes you feel inauthentic.” Small is beautiful. It simply means being able to be 'you' throughout the special occasion, the little decisions that you make will come out as the most beautiful ones.


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