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The Avenue & The Passion Behind It

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

I remembered that moment. Those times I spent hours and days and months for the perfect event of a very special day in my life. My wedding. I had one specific rule that nobody, (not even my mother) can change for that day. I wanted it to be intimate. You see, I've always pictured my wedding to be fun, quirky, full of laughter, emotions and most of all precious memories of me with my loved ones. In order to have all that, all I needed was them to be there and no one else. I want all these people that I love, that have seen me thrive and fall, who were there at some part of my life that I want to rejoice and treasure again those memories. I would spend what I can to make the event worth their presence.

Then of course it happened just the way I dreamed it to be. It went all so perfectly and I had the best times of my life with these people that mattered to me. I had time to meet each and everyone of them, thanking from the bottom of my heart for being there and sharing these memories that I would cherish forevermore. I knew that this could only happen when I have a limited number of guests and I never for a second regretted or doubted it. Traditionally of course, Malay weddings are huge reaching almost one thousand guests and more. I love a big wedding but I wanted to remember the people there, and the moments that I will make with them so I chose to have an intimate occasion instead.

After a year, over a cup of coffee, I just thought to myself. "Why can't there be more venues that can offer a space for an intimate event?" Because let me tell you something, it was hard finding an intimate venue. At least a decent one. And so, voila ! Here comes the birth of The Avenue. A simple dream that I wish to share with others and the countless special memories that it can offer you. Here, is where your journey begins regardless of the occasion. If it's intimate, it's The Avenue.

The Avenue


Tamarind Square,

63000 Cyberjaya.


Tel: 018 266 9636

IG : @theavenuespace


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